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Japan Avatar Guide is an app that avatar Caede uses to guide you on your trip in Japan. With video clips this app provides you with the basics as well as information not found in guidebooks or online. You might even discover something new if you are a repeat visitor!

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What is it?

the avatar uncovers Japan's famous places with you through a phone app

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All in the form of video clips, this app not only provides you with basic information, but also information not found in guidebooks or on the internet. Even using it for places you have already been, you might discover something new.

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Choose between English, Spanish, French, Italian, Thai and Japanese (switch language any time)

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You can move from one tourist attraction to the next with the map function. When you reach your destination, simply follow Caede's guidance.

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How does it work?

Examples of recommended way to use avatar guide Caede.

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I want to go to Japan, let’s check out various tourist spots! Which spots can't be missed?

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This app looks interesting. It's free to download, and the guide seems like a nice girl. Let's give it a try!

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Wow, it is available in several languages. I can choose between Japanese, English, Spanish, French, Italian and Thai.

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I didn't know where to go in Japan, but with the map function I can find great destinations. It is very convenient.

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Learn about Japan in great detail. It’s a private guide that has come to your smartphone! There is also a map function for popular tourist spots that makes it easy to navigate and change trains.

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Caede works all over Japan!

Introduction Video

Who is Caede?


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Her father is a diplomat. She has lived abroad since she was a child and can speak many languages. She majored in tourism and history at the University of London, and she loves to travel.

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She was born on September 1, 2001 and her zodiac sign is Virgo. Her father is a diplomat and she has lived abroad since she was a child, so she can speak multiple languages.

She also studied tourism and history at the University of London.

I see! So she can also speak many different languages because she has lived abroad. How admirable!

She loves travel and history, so she knows a lot about the different tourist attractions. She told me many stories that can't be found in conventional tourist guides.

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Apparently she likes: traveling, wine, history and training. Finally, his blood type is type B.

So she likes to exercise and train at the gym. I can tell that she is living a healthy lifestyle!

Thanks for the wonderful introduction - I loved my trip with Caede! I will definitely go back to Japan again.

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Download the app

and turn your smartphone into a guide!

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